Sam de Smith


Family Outings

We often end up going on day trips with Maggie's family, especially her elder sister Fiona (seen with mother Linda) and her sons, Stephen (6) and Ryan (3).

Recently, the boys came to visit us for a few days:

Here they are in a steam train, on a fairground ride, and under arrest.

They have an infuriatingly cute puppy called Buster (note my foot for scale).

We also spent a day at the beach in Maidens and tried to skip stones, which led to confusion and suspicion (that's Maggie on the left). We then went off for a big family wander around Culzean Castle which gave me plenty of opportunity to play with my camera, including taking pictures of the lake, the soldier (aka the Isle of Arran, but so called because of the outline) - in fact, as Maggie observes, anything and everything.