Sam de Smith



Here's some photos from the day's VOID shenanigans:

The i-kore stand, starring Tom (and Dougie), John R and Ben, and John G hawking his wares.

Jack (Ben's son) and Drew start setting up the Viridian and Syntha forces.

The forces assemble: Junkers, VASA, Viridian and Syntha.

Junkers begin to swarm from their hidey-holes.

That famous prog rock group, Dr. Omega and the Pumpkinheads.

The 4 armies engage!

Teratosynths and Shock Marines face off.

A child gazes on in wonder while Ben demonstrates to Dougie that he is the reincarnation of Tommy Cooper.

Interdicts and Shuriken Guard get jiggy.

Ben demonstrates the all-new exclusive Medic figure.

The Teratosynths face a second wave of Shock Marines, with less success.

VASA Ronins learn the folly of engaging the Scorpion Legion's lancers.

Some urban war (ahem) ensues between Marines from two sides.

A quick range check to ensure firey doom.

The Black Legion swoop down on the under-protected Salamanders and find themselves in an ambush.

Androsynths get down and dirty with the Sand Runners.

Tom notches up final victory to the Syntha - bah!